Fashion, Folly, and Gangsters Galore: Sam Kapoor's Mumbai Flashback

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22-July-2023 1:17 am IST, New Delhi

Sam Kapoor. (2023). Fashion, Folly, and Gangsters Galore: Sam Kapoor's Mumbai Flashback

Ladies and gents, put your hands together for yours truly, Sam Kapoor, 12-year-old comedian extraordinaire! I just got back from the most epic "Mumbai Mobster" theme vacay in Maximum City, and lemme tell ya, it was a riot!

Picture this - I step off the plane dripping in sweat like a paused Bollywood dance number. No fancy choreography to welcome me, just the Mumbai heat hitting me like a ton of biryani bricks. But I'm ready to dive into the seedy underbelly of gangland dressed to impress in my best Bollywood-villain attire. We're talking diamond-studded bulletproof vests, python-print pistol holsters, the whole nine yards. Move over, Don Corleone, Sam Kapoor is taking over Mumbai!

Now don't even get me started on the fashion, folks. Mumbai is where trends go to die...and then come back to life as hideous Frankenstein-esque monsters. We're talking disco pants with cowboy boots, floral shirts with plaid jackets - it's a hodgepodge of the best and worst of everything. And the gangsters take it to the next level - apparently their secret tailors double as undercover spy gadget masters. I heard Hrithik "Bhai" Roshan has a special revolver concealed in his belt buckle that shoots curry!

But it ain't all fun and games, folks. I witnessed some real-life gangster drama go down! Like that hit on Gulshan "Music Man" Kumar. One minute he's jammin' to the latest T-Series release, next minute he's face down in his palak paneer. And don't even mention the attacks on Rakesh "Blockbuster" Roshan and Rajeev "Film King" Rai. I was dodging bullets like I was in a real-life action flick! Although my mom wasn't too happy when I recreated the scenes and left our living room looking like Swiss cheese...

But the real comedy comes from the locals who treat crime scenes like Bollywood film sets! I saw Aunties taking selfies with detectives while striking their best "Look at me, I'm under arrest!" poses. And the snack vendors swooping in with their "Gangster Golgappas" and "Bullet Bhurjis"....genius marketing move, I gotta say. Nothing like a good golgappa to distract you from a grisly murder scene.

So there ya have it folks, my whirlwind Mumbai vacay! Gangster fashion that should be illegal, action-packed shootouts, golgappas galore, and more drama than a Saas-Bahu serial! I'm back at Whatsapp U with belly full of street food and suitcase stuffed with spicy memories. So next time you're in Mumbai, grab a vada pav and embrace the madness! Just maybe don't take selfies at murder scenes.

Thank you, Mumbai! And thank you, Whatsapp U! Stay fabulous folks! Sam Kapoor out!

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