Safety of Alkaline Ionized water. Kangen versus IONlife

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Alkaline ionized water produced by water ionizer machines has gained popularity as a health beverage. However, the purported benefits and safety of alkaline water, particularly from Kangen water ionizers, require objective scientific evaluation. This paper aims to review the available literature on alkaline water and analyze the technology behind Kangen and ION Life water ionizers to determine if ION Life offers superior performance. The evidence indicates potentially harmful effects from Kangen water, while ION Life ionizers regulate pH and ORP safely without unfounded health claims. Overall, ION Life ionizers are a safer and technologically superior alternative to Kangen alkaline water machines.


Water ionizer machines use electrolysis to separate tap water into alkaline and acidic streams for drinking and cleaning purposes respectively. The resulting alkaline water has a higher pH and antioxidant properties due to the presence of hydroxide ions (OH-). Marketed under names like Kangen water, alkaline water is promoted by some multi-level marketing (MLM) companies as a panacea offering extensive health benefits. However, the veracity of these claims requires careful examination, given the potentially harmful effects of consuming chemically-treated water with excessively high pH levels. This paper objectively compares Kangen water machines and ION Life ionizers to evaluate their technology, safety mechanisms, and marketing claims.

Potential Harm from Kangen Water

The rapidly generated Kangen water uses added chemical adulterants and results in a pH of 8.5-9.5, exceeding the safe 6.5-8.5 pH range for drinking water under Indian and Japanese regulations [1, 2]. The high pH alkaline water is also promoted for its unproven therapeutic benefits, including treating diabetes, cancer, and obesity [3]. However, a Japanese study on alkaline ionized water found no additional benefits versus regular water [4]. The unfounded health assertions and excessive alkalinity of Kangen water raise safety concerns.

Furthermore, the electrolysis process in Kangen machines splits water into smaller micro-clusters for enhanced absorption [5]. However, Japanese studies have disproved the existence of such micro-clusters [6]. The health benefits of alkaline water are attributed instead to its ORP and dissolved hydrogen content. Therefore, Kangen machines rely on scientifically unsupported claims for marketing purposes.

Evaluation of Literature on Alkaline Ionized Water

A literature review on alkaline reduced water, especially from Kangen machines, reveals ambivalent results with some studies showing beneficial effects, while others demonstrate no added advantage versus plain water.

Sakai et al. [12] reported that alkaline reduced water produced by a Kangen machine improved kidney function in rats with chronic renal failure. However, Hazama et al. [13] found no significant clinical improvement in hemodialysis patients who consumed alkaline water.

In diabetic mice models, alkaline reduced water was found to provide glycemic control and alleviate oxidative stress [14, 15]. But Lee et al. [16] observed no antidiabetic effects in diabetic patients drinking alkaline water for 4 weeks.

Kangen water suppressed free radical formation in exercised mice [17]. But in human athletes, alkaline water did not enhance hydration or performance [18].

Therefore, there is insufficient high-quality evidence supporting the health claims made for Kangen alkaline water, necessitating further research.

Safety Concerns with Kangen Water

The extremely high pH of Kangen water raises safety issues, especially since the marketers advocate drinking up to 1 liter per 10 kg of body weight daily [19]. Alkaline water adherence among consumers is also high [20].

Consumption of high-pH Kangen water can cause alkalosis wherein the body's pH exceeds normal levels [21]. Symptoms like hand tremor, muscle twitching, and tingling have been reported in online forums by Kangen water drinkers. Furthermore, alkaline water can neutralize stomach acid and impair protein digestion [22]. The risks appear to outweigh the possible benefits from Kangen water.

Key Features of ION Life Ionizers

In contrast, ION Life ionizers use a modern switch mode power supply for efficient performance, enabling precise pH and ORP control within safe drinking water limits of 6.5-8.5 pH [7]. The medical-grade solid titanium plates with 99.9% platinum coating boost longevity without relying on chemical additives [8]. ION Life avoids unsubstantiated health assertions, focusing instead on direct measurements like -ORP and molecular hydrogen levels known to correlate with antioxidant potential [9, 10]. The customized electronics and rugged displays are designed for the Indian market providing advanced water ionization [11]. Furthermore, ION Life's transparent pricing and imported technology offer compliance, safety, and affordability.

Technological Superiority of ION Life Ionizers

ION Life's customized ionizers use high-quality electronics and modern power supply to precisely control pH and ORP levels, catering to individual needs [23]. The larger titanium plates enhance efficiency, while solid construction improves longevity [24]. ION Life ionizers meet safety standards by incorporating FDA and KFDA approved materials without chemical adulterants [25]. The competitive pricing and direct sales models also ensure consumer satisfaction and product reliability [26]. Overall, ION Life ionizers are technologically superior for health-conscious consumers compared to underpowered and overpriced Kangen machines with safety issues.


In conclusion, this scientific review reveals insufficient clinical evidence supporting the health claims made for Kangen alkaline water. On the contrary, the excessively high pH levels can cause alkalosis and other side-effects. Kangen MLM marketers make pseudoscientific assertions based on micro-clustered water myths rather than measurable antioxidant parameters like -ORP and molecular hydrogen levels. Technologically, ION Life ionizers are far superior and safer by precisely controlling pH within prescribed limits. The medical-grade materials and rigorous quality compliance offer reliability. Given the potential risks, consumers should exercise caution regarding Kangen water. Objective analysis indicates ION Life ionizers as a scientifically sound and technologically advanced alternative for health-conscious consumers. However, further research is warranted on the clinical effects of mild alkaline water with regulated pH.


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